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12 Pictures That Show Taylor Swift Is Smokin Hot

Taylor Swift has it all: fame, talent, charisma, and an extra helping of beauty.

Taylor Swift is quite possibly the most popular person on earth right now. No joke. With 109 million Instagram followers and almost 40 million album sales worldwide, she’s almost literally on top of the world. Currently in the middle of her Reputation tour supporting her new album, she’s dazzling tens of thousands of fans all across the world at the moment.

Sure, she’s talented, funny, super smart, and charismatic, but I feel like she doesn’t always get the credit she deserves as one of the most beautiful women in the industry. With legs that go for miles, and always sporting sexy hair, she’s absolutely smokin’ hot, and we’re gonna show you a bunch of pictures right now that prove it.

Sit back and get ready to possibly see the gorgeous 28-year-old Taylor Swift in a whole new light, in case you’ve never noticed how beautiful she actually is.

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