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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge With This Ultimate Friends Quiz!

Friends Quiz: Ultimate Fan Edition

UPDATE: This Friends quiz is new and improved! If this is your first time, welcome and good luck! If you’re coming back for a second round, you’ll notice we have new and harder questions for you to navigate to become the real Friends quiz expert.

Yeah, it’s been off the air since 2004, but if you turn on the TV almost anytime of day, you can find reruns of Friends playing on at least one channel, probably more! One of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, everyone claims to be an expert. We’ve got the Friends quiz just for you to prove it.

Do you find yourself quoting Friends in casual conversation every day? Are there people you talk to who you wouldn’t even have anything to talk about if it weren’t for the show? I know exactly how it feels, because I’m one of them too.

Seriously, everytime I see a sandwich in my work refrigerator, all I can think about is Ross screaming “MY SANDWICH???” My co-workers think I’m nuts.

Find out how much YOU know in this quiz that we crafted specifically for “Friends Fanatics” like yourself.

  • Who is the TV Guide addressed to in The One With The Embryos?

    Friends Quiz
    • Chandler Bing
    • Ms. Chanandler Bong
    • Ms. Ross Geller
    • Mr. Rons Galleller
  • What was the name of Rachel’s childhood dog?

    • Scruffy
    • Fido
    • LaPoo
    • Fabio
  • What is the name of Phoebe’s brother, played by Giovanni Ribisi?

    • Frank Jr.
    • Phil Jr.
    • Pete
    • Steve
  • What is Phoebe’s twin sister’s name?

    Friends Quiz
    • Racquelle
    • Angela
    • Ursula
    • Mona
  • What is the name of the restaurant Monica worked at from season 4 through 9?

    • Daniel’s
    • Galaxy Cafe
    • Alessandro’s
    • Donatelli’s
  • Which Friends did Janice have relationships with?

    Friends Quiz
    • Ross and Joey
    • Joey and Chandler
    • Ross and Chandler
    • Only Chandler
  • Who sings the Friends theme song?

    Friends Quiz
    • Hootie & the Blowfish
    • The Rembrandts
    • Fastball
    • Third Eye Blind
  • What secondary character is played by the actor James Michael Tyler?

    • Joshua
    • Gunther
    • Mike
    • Mark
  • What is the name of Rachel’s ex-fiance?

    Friends Quiz
    • Barry
    • Steve
    • Joshua
    • Tag
  • What actor plays Joey’s identical hand twin in Las Vegas?

    • Paul Rudd
    • Giovanni Ribisi
    • Thomas Lennon
    • John Stamos
  • Who did Rachel agree to marry after giving birth to Emma?

    Friends Quiz
    • Ross
    • Joey
    • Chandler
    • Tag
  • Who is older: Ross or Monica?

    • Ross
    • Monica
    • They’re twins!
  • How many times was Ross married and divorced?

    • None
    • 1
    • 3
    • 4
  • Who peed on Monica after she got stung by a jellyfish?

    • Joey
    • Chandler
    • She did it herself
    • A lifeguard
    • Ross
  • What is Chandler’s middle name?

    Friends Quiz
    • Martha
    • David
    • Muriel
    • Alice
  • What is the address Chandler gives Janice when he says he’s moving to Yemen?

    Friends Quiz
    • 17 Yemen Road, Yemen
    • 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
    • 5 Yemen Road, Yemen
    • 50 Yemen Road, Yemen
  • What was the title of the movie that Joey went to Las Vegas to film?

    Friends Quiz
    • Sahara Unchained
    • Shutterspeed
    • The Speed of Dust
    • Max Velocity
    • The Desert King
  • What is Ross’s apartment number after he moves into Ugly Naked Guy’s old place?

    Friends Quiz
    • 2C
    • 9F
    • 3B
    • 4A
    • 1D
  • What superpower did Ross’s comic book character “Science Boy” have?

    • Combine any two elements to form a “super-element”
    • A super-human thirst for knowledge
    • X-ray vision
    • The ability to get an “A” in any science class
  • What is Joey’s alias he’s been known to use with women?

    • Keith Adams
    • Ken Adams
    • Ken Jones
    • Kevin Johnson
  • What hotel did the Friends stay at in London?

    • The Savoy
    • The Ritz London
    • London Marriott
    • The Bulgari London
  • How long was Rachel’s letter that she wrote to Ross at the beach house?

    • 19 pages, front and back
    • 22 pages, front and back
    • 12 pages, front and back
    • 18 pages, front and back
  • What word did Rachel misspell on her resume?

    Friends Quiz
    • Professional
    • Experience
    • Computer
    • Telephone
    • Tasks
  • How many episodes of Friends are there in total?

    Friends Quiz
    • 255
    • 212
    • 196
    • 236
  • What does Phoebe legally change her name to?

    • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
    • Princess Consuela Fancy Banana
    • Princess Banana Consuela
    • Princess Consuela

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