Ariana Grande Is Engaged! Could We Be Any More Excited?

It’s true, and we can hardly believe it ourselves.

So, unless you haven’t been on the internet AT ALL in the last little while, you probably know that Ariana Grande and SNL star Pete Davidson have been dating.  While that doesn’t seem like the most likely couple in the entertainment biz, we can’t help but think it’s probably the most adorable thing ever.

Look at that — there’s even proof that they’re together. Isn’t Pete about 4 times taller than Ariana? Anyway, I digress.

Pete has been leaving little comments on Ariana’s Instagram posts lately, which is how we all know they’re dating in the first place. Even slightly dirty comments like this one:

So now that it’s established that they’re dating, let’s move along.

Us Weekly reported that Grande and Davidson attended Robert Pattinson’s birthday party last weekend, and told a bunch of people that they were engaged. Billboard also reported that Ariana Grande posted a photo to her Instagram story where it looks like she’s wearing a “big rock” on her finger, although Davidson’s manager was quick to deny the rumor, saying that it wasn’t an engagement ring.

But we know better, right?

People are going nuts on Twitter, everyone putting their two cents in, the majority of them making comments and jokes about how the couple is moving way too fast, apparently only having been dating for a few weeks.

But when you know, you know.  Ya know?

This one’s kinda sad, but accurate.

While we can all agree that we’re happy for the couple, it really is hard to imagine committing to marrying someone after just a few weeks of dating. But hey, Pete’s a super funny and smart guy, and Ariana is insanely talented, funny, and clearly knows what she wants.

Neither Grande nor Davidson has officially confirmed or denied the engagement, but based on everything we’re seeing on social media from both of them, it seems pretty clear.

Personally, I can’t wait to see more shenanigans from the couple, as I’m sure as the story unfolds it’ll be entertaining to follow along with.

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