5 90’s TV Shows Generation Y Wants To See Rebooted

Who remembers these classic TV series? Who’s on board for some reboots?!

Not so long ago, us 20-somethings (now 30-somethings), only dreamed of a series picking up where it left off and airing on TV again.

Not just any 90’s TV shows can stand the test of time. The art of reviving a series requires a delicate approach, solid material, and there’s always a chance that the same shows we identified with as developing tweens, are best left in the sixth grade, where we can cherish them eternally.

With that obligatory disclaimer out of the way, here are the top 5, quintessentially 90s shows we’d love to see back in action!

1: My So Called Life

Growing up in the 90s was like, deep. Very deep. We faced challenges the youth of today can’t be expected to sympathize with, as Angela Chase explained to viewers through her narration of and acting in *My So Called Life*.

“I mean, when you stop to think about, like, eating – what it really is – and how people just do it, like in public…” Angela reflects upon the personal nature of eating and chewing food in a way we can expect only from the introspective, 15 year old star of the show.

It’s a quote that sets the tone of the series and illustrates the everyday moments that pass us by unnoticed, which Angela so effortlessly weaves into a musing about life and the way we’re so casually going about it.

If you’re under the age of 20 or if you simply haven’t had the pleasure of viewing the series, we encourage you to catch up on the old episodes as your glimpse into 90s high school life. In the meantime, if Ricky, Rayanne, and Jordan Catelleno are available for a reboot, we’re in!

2: Frasier

Ok, so we may have been only 10 years old when Frasier first aired. The witty banter, classy cafe aesthetic and intellectual yet humorous tone of the show appealed to everyone!

With Frasier Crane as the verbose, sometimes curmudgeonly, and always entertaining main character, we can only imagine what adventures await him and the cast in 2018. Does Frasier Crane still practice psychiatry? Are Daphne and Niles still together, and can we please see their children?

While *Frasier* aired for 11 seasons, enjoying quite a long run on network television, the timeless dynamic shared by Niles and his fellow, Freudian obsessed brother still feels fresh, and current.

It gives us the sense that viewers could pick right back up where we were left off, and hear the duo’s spin on 2018. In a word: Priceless.

3: So Weird

Airing on The Disney Channel, this series features Fiona (Fi), played by Cara DeLizia, her mother (Mackenzie Phillips) and younger brother. Fiona’s mom, much like the real Mackenzie Phillips, is a musician and the family travels on a tour bus, solving perplexing mysteries with a supernatural bent. Fi is an independent and intelligent teenager with a knack for critical thinking, detective work, and budding forensic skills.

A personal favorite, I’d love to see what career Fi has chosen and what the rest of the family has been up to for the last 20 years.

4: 3rd Rock From The Sun

This quirky 90’s hit aired from 1996-2001, and enjoyed a fair amount of popularity. Centered around an alien family who has been sent to Earth to gather information for a mission by their leader, known as The Big Giant Head, the comedic potential is endless and never fails to deliver.

The flighty extraterrestrials take on human bodies and decide to settle in Ohio living as Dick (John Lithgow), Sally, Harry, and Tommy (played by a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Dick works as a physics professor and develops a love interest in coworker, Dr.Mary Albright, played by SNL alum Jane Curtin. Dick’s eccentric nature and seeming unfamiliarity with life on Earth is passed off as a quirk of his genius in science and mathematics.

Subject to countless misunderstandings and whacky adventures as the harmless aliens adjust to life on our planet, hilarious antics and witty one liners give the show a timeless format that could work in any decade!

We’d love to see the aliens pick up where they left off!

5: The Secret World of Alex Mack

The Secret World of Alex Mack ran on Nickelodeon from 1994-1998. Alex (played by Larisa Oleynik), is a teenage girl who develops superhuman powers after being doused with a mysterious ”goo” following an accident, in which she’s nearly hit by a truck transporting toxic waste from a local chemical plant while walking home from her first day of Junior High school. Alex, in fear of retaliation from the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant’s evil CEO, Danielle Atron, decides to keep her newfound powers secret from everyone but her best friend and older sister, Annie.

The show ran for four seasons and unlike some others on our list, was never cancelled. Larissa Oleynik left the show to play, none other than Joseph Gordon Levitt’s girlfriend, Alissa, on 3rd Rock From The Sun! What a coincidence, right?

The finale of Alex Mack is left purposely ambiguous, showing Alex with the antidote that would finally rid of her ”magical” powers. In the end, it’s implied that Alex decides not to take the antidote in favor of keeping her new abilities, but fans are left to wonder for themselves.

The answer was only revealed in 2012. We’ll leave it up to you to do the research!

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