13 Amazon Deals That Will Make Your Life Easier

These gems on Amazon will not only make your life a lot easier, but they’ll impress your friends too.

Amazon deals

Amazon is one hell of a place. Nearly anything you can dream up, you can find it on Amazon. In honor of Prime Day, which was on July 16th, we scoured the site for some of the coolest tools and gadgets we could find, and we found plenty. Many of them are incredibly affordable, useful, and some of these Amazon deals you just can’t afford not to buy.

Did you happen to miss Prime Day? Thats okay, there are plenty of fun things to check out on Amazon even when it’s just a normal day. All the prices listed are current as of the writing of this article, so jump on these deals as soon as you can if any of them catch your fancy!

Bring on the Amazon deals!

1: Stay cool at your desk with this USB Little Big Fan

Best Amazon Items

Available in three colors, this little guy adds just enough of a breeze when you’re at your computer to make a difference. It’s cheap, it’s small, and it plugs straight into your computer via a USB port. I could use one right this second actually… I’m all sweaty just typing this! (was that TMI? I can never tell)

Get it for $20.00 on Amazon.

2: Make breakfast a breeze with the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker!

Best Amazon Items

I hate boiling eggs. Like, HATE it. Filling the pot, waiting for the water to boil, trying to time the eggs just right, then inevitably falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the pot boiling over and now I’ve got a huge mess to clean up. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be cooking anything.

Regardless, this thing is a dream — it can do eggs of any kind. Just put ’em in, set it, and when they’re done it’ll let you know. It’s cheap too!

Get it for $19.99 on Amazon.

3: Enjoy some free time with the iRobot Braava 380t mopping robot

Best Amazon Items

Okay, so this thing is AWESOME. It’s not cheap by any means, but it’s well worth the investment if you can swing it. Mopping is the worst, and this thing takes all the work out of it. You literally just fill up the little basin, slap on a mop pad, push a button and let it go to work. It really does do a great job, it’s quiet, it runs on its own, and the mop pads are disposable. I use this at home at least 3 times a week and it keeps my vinyl floors immaculate. Robots to the rescue!

Get it for $249.99 on Amazon.

4: Stop guessing when you’re cooking, with this digital kitchen scale

Best Amazon Items

This thing is handy, it looks cool, and the price is unbeatable. Measure anything you want while you’re preparing your next meal. It’s very accurate and can save you a lot of time, as it already has for me!

Get it for $12.99 on Amazon.

5: Never see a wrinkle again with this handy portable steamer from PAX

Best Amazon Items

Ok, I’ve always wanted one of these things. You can steam your clothes anywhere with this little guy! You can take it in your suitcase for trips, you can carry into your closet with you and unwrinkle shirts on the spot, you can even hold it under your husband’s nose while he’s sleeping if he’s been particularly annoying that day! (note: probably don’t try that, but it sounds fun)

Seriously, with how cheap this thing is and with all the awesome reviews, it’s no wonder it’s an Amazon best seller. I just ordered one yesterday, and can’t wait to try it.

Get it for $24.99 on Amazon.

6: Record every moment of your driving with the Crosstour Dash Cam

Best Amazon Items

Okay, you really can’t go wrong with a dashcam. At only $39.99, this thing’s a steal. It records in full 1080p and can save you a LOT of time, money, and hassle if — god, forbid — you ever get in a car wreck. Aren’t dashcams mandatory in most European countries? Yeah, pretty sure that’s the case, and it’s a genius idea.

Get it for $39.99 on Amazon.

7: Bye bye fingerprints! Get rid of ’em with these awesome stainless steel wipes

Stainless steel wipes on Amazon

Seriously, no matter what I use to clean the fridge and oven with, it always leaves streaks, more fingerprints, and a bunch of residue. It’s so frustrating. But these wipes are magical. One swift motion of the hand and all those fingerprints are gone. Eat your heart out, toddlers!

These are usually pretty expensive at the grocery store, but these Amazon deals really make it hard not to buy them right away. Helluva price!

Get it for $13.98 on Amazon.

8: Hot dogs made easy, thanks to this sweet-looking hot dog toaster

Hot dog toaster on Amazon

Are you kidding me?! If they had this when I was a kid, I don’t think I’d even need parents around to feed me. Although, I guess they had to buy the hot dogs in the first place, but whatever. This thing makes hot dogs SO EASY! Legitimately just push one button and then wait for your hot dogs to be done. Sure it’s not quite as fun as roasting them over an open fire, but I’ll take it. It looks like it’s straight out of the 50’s too. At this price, it’s definitely one of my favorite Amazon deals right now.

Get it for $14.99 on Amazon.

9: Worry-free listening with this awesome portable waterproof bluetooth speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker on Amazon

This thing is awesome. It’s waterproof. It’s shockproof. It won’t break when you drop it (like I always do). It’s got a USB port so you can charge your phone on the go. Take it hiking. Take it camping. Take it on a long walk down the beach. I dunno, the possibilities are endless! It’s a great price, it sounds good, and it’s not ever gonna break on you. Hell of an Amazon deal, if you ask me.

Get it for $39.99 on Amazon.

10: Your own personal assistant with this cheap Echo Dot

Amazon deals: Echo Dot

By now, everyone has heard of the Amazon Echo: the first real, useful, personal assistant to be released to consumers for use in the home. After selling millions and millions of them worldwide, Amazon decided to release a smaller and more cost-effective version, called the Echo Dot. This has all the features of the full Amazon Echo, but it’s more compact and a LOT cheaper. Right now, you can get it for $29.99 with a special Prime Day deal. That’s SO CHEAP! I’ve got 4 of these Dots in my house and I honestly use them a lot more than I thought I would when I first got them.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one or two of these if you don’t have any yet. They’re seriously life-changing.

Get it for $29.99 on Amazon.

11: Keep your lips hydrated with a 4-pack of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Amazon deals: Burt's Bees Lip Balm

I know you’ve tried these before. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. I used to be a Carmex girl, but I’ve since converted to Burt’s Bees, and once you try them you’ll know why. This is mostly going on the list because of the price. If I go buy one tube of this in a grocery store, it’s generally anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00. But right now on Amazon, they’re selling packs of 4 for just under 8 bucks. It’s one of the best Amazon deals I’ve seen lately, so of course I’d want to share this with everyone.

It’s cheap, they work beautifully, and the lip balm is some of the best-tasting stuff on the market. I promise!

Get it for $7.49 on Amazon.

12: Keep your liquid cold all the way to your mouth with these stylish stainless steel metal straws

Amazon deals: Stainless Steel Straws

If you’ve never used a metal straw for your drinks, you haven’t truly lived. These things are awesome. It keeps the drink cold from the glass all the way up to your mouth. It makes it taste extra fresh, and it’s the perfect accessory you didn’t know you needed. They’re pretty inexpensive, so what do you have to lose? I’ve been using these exact ones for months for everything from cocktails to iced coffee to glasses of water, and I wouldn’t trade them for a plastic straw ever again. Plus, it’s pretty environmentally friendly, so take that Starbucks!

Get a 4-pack for $8.99 on Amazon.

13: Make the smell go away with this 2-oz bottle of Poo-Pourri

Amazon deals: Poo-Pourri

I know you’ve heard of this stuff. Who hasn’t? But have you actually tried it? Yeah, talking about pooping is pretty weird sometimes, but this Poo-Pourri really works. It really does. There’s no need to get embarrassed after you hit up the porcelain throne anymore. You just spray this a few times into the bowl before you go, and then nobody can ever smell the deed you just did.

This is a smaller bottle, so you can test it out before you invest in a bigger one. It’s a clever name, a great price, and a fantastic product that I personally use every day. What more could ya ask for? Grab this while it’s still one of the great Amazon deals you’ll find!

Tell ’em StuckNinja sent you! I mean… it won’t get you a better price or anything, but at least someone will hear you say it, right? ha!

Get it for $9.95 on Amazon.

There you have it! Would I ever steer you wrong? Absolutely not. Let us know in the comments if you like any of these items, or if there are any we might have missed that should make our next list of top Amazon deals!

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